Mechanism and regulation of translation in C. elegans.

  title={Mechanism and regulation of translation in C. elegans.},
  author={R. E. Rhoads and Tzvetanka D. Dinkova and Nadejda L Korneeva},
  journal={WormBook : the online review of C. elegans biology},
C. elegans represents a favorable system to study the extraordinarily complicated process of eukaryotic protein synthesis, which involves over 100 RNAs and over 200 polypeptides just for the core machinery. Initial research in protein synthesis relied on fractionated mammalian and plant systems, but in the mid-1970s, the powerful genetics of Saccharomyces cerevisiae began to yield new insights for translation in all eukaryotes. C. elegans has many features of higher eukaryotes that are not… CONTINUE READING


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