Mechanics of Robotic Manipulation

  title={Mechanics of Robotic Manipulation},
  author={M. T. Mason},
"Manipulation" refers to a variety of physical changes made to the world around us. Mechanics of Robotic Manipulation addresses one form of robotic manipulation, moving objects, and the various processes involved---grasping, carrying, pushing, dropping, throwing, and so on. Unlike most books on the subject, it focuses on manipulation rather than manipulators. This attention to processes rather than devices allows a more fundamental approach, leading to results that apply to a broad range of… 

Robotic manipulation by pushing at a single point with constant velocity : modeling and techniques

This thesis investigates the most general pushing mode, that of a single contact point, formed either as a fixed point at a vertex or as a single rolling contact between two curved surfaces with a view to enable the manipulation of common household objects by a simple mobile robot.

Manipulating Machines: Designing Robots to Grasp Our World

Manipulation requires anticipatory actions. We preshape our grasp before making contact with an object and stiffen our arm in anticipation of lifting a heavy one. These actions precondition the

Action selection for robotic manipulation of deformable objects

This paper presents a system that straightens pieces of cloth from any arbitrary initial wrinkle condition using a robotic manipulator, and is the first time that a stochastic state estimator has been derived for an implicit integration model of a deformable planar object.

1 Reaching for Dexterous Manipulation

I review three papers in the area of dexterous manipulation by machines. These papers focus on different stages of the process of grasping an object. The first describes a method for generating a

Robot dexterity: from deformable grasping to impulsive manipulation

A general and computationally efficient model is needed for predicting the outcome of impact in robot manipulation to make the robot purposefully take advantage of impact to become better at certain tasks.

Control of Nonprehensile Manipulation

This paper poses several open problems in the control of nonprehensile manipulation, a challenging problem of controlling a dynamic system with equations of motion incorporating the robot and part geometry, friction and restitution laws, and changing dynamics due to changing contact states.

Dexterous Robotic Manipulation of Deformable Objects with Multi-Sensory Feedback - a Review

This chapter presents a thorough examination of the modern concepts developed by the robotic community related to deformable objects grasping and manipulation and proposes a critical evaluation of the manipulation algorithms, the instrumentation systems adopted and the examination of end-effector technologies, including dexterous robotic hands.

Control for throwing manipulation by one joint robot

The present paper proposes the control strategy based on the iteration optimization learning to overcome the above problems and verifies its effectiveness experimentally.

Motion for Manipulation Tasks

This chapter serves as an introduction to Part D by giving an overview of motion generation and control strategies in the context of robotic manipulation tasks. Automatic control ranging from the

Pre-Grasp Interaction as a Manipulation Strategy for Movable Objects

The results show that the pre-grasp rotation strategy can improve a robot's manipulation capabilities by both extending the effective workspace for a transport task and improving the quality of the transport action.