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Mechanics' institutes in Northumberland and Durham 1824-1902

  title={Mechanics' institutes in Northumberland and Durham 1824-1902},
  author={Clifton Stockdale},
Except for Hudson's major work which explored developments in the first half of the nineteenth century, and more recently the research undertaken by Tylecote and Kelly, most surveys of the Mechanics' Institute Movement in England have been confined t6 local studies of individual institutes, unpublished theses and collected essays on the subject. Kelly acknowledged that the limitations characteristic of his publication George. Birkbeck. which attempted a nationwide review of the subject, were… 
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The focus of this study is centred upon intellectual activity in the period from 1750 to c1840 in Shropshire, an area that for a time was synonymous with change and innovation. It examines the


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In the 1830s, there was increasing public alarm about the numbers of vessels and lives lost at sea. On’ a national level, a Select Committee was set up in 1836 to investigate the problem and in its
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The period dealt with by this survey is from 1825 to 1908, those being the dates, respectively, of the first foundation of the Sunderland mechanics’ Institutes and the end of the first phase of
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This edition of The New England Primer is a facsimile reproduction of the earliest known copy—that of 1727—reprinted with an introduction by Paul Leicester Ford in 1897. A replica of The New England
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THE official report of the geological explorations prosecuted during the past summer by Prof. F. V. Hayden, under the authority of the Department of the Interior, has just been published by the
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The aim of this thesis is to give an account of the development of technical education in Darlington from 1825 to 1915. These limits have been chosen, because, in 1825, the Darlington Mechanics'
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'Who are these Victorians? By what mark are we to know them? What creed, what doctrine, what institution was there among them which was not at some time or other debated or assailed? I can think of
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G. J. BARKER-BENFIELD, The horrors of the half-known life. Male attitudes toward women and sexuality in nineteenth-century America, New York and London, Harper & Row, 1976, 8vo, pp. xiv, 352, £2.95
A history of education in Stockton-on-Tees with particular reference to technical education
The early Science and Art classes in Stockton did no practical work other than drawing and the two Mechanics’ Institutes were comparatively unimportant. Rapid expansion of the iron industry caused an
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THE fortieth Report of the Department of Science and Art has just been issued, and is of a highly satisfactory character. From it we learn that in 1892 there was a very large increase, not only in
The Society of Arts and the mechanics’ institutes: The co‐ordination of endeavour towards scientific and technical education, 1851‐54
The author wishes to acknowledge with thanks the co‐operation of Dr Allen, librarian at the Royal Society of Arts library, and the staffs of the Greater London Records Office and the Library of the