Mechanical properties of fly ash composites—A review

  title={Mechanical properties of fly ash composites—A review},
  author={R. Manimaran and I. Jayakumar and R. Mohammad Giyahudeen and L. Narayanan},
  journal={Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects},
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ABSTRACT Composites are widely used as a lightweight material in automotive, aerospace, transportation, wind turbines, and leisure industry. Different reinforcement materials are used in composites of which fly ash attracts the researchers as an important reinforcement due to its enhanced mechanical properties such as low density, improved ultimate tensile strength, toughness, compressive strength, impact strength, hardness, and decrease in ductility. Fly ash composites are manufactured by stir… Expand
Effect of SiC Content on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Al2024-SiC Composites
Aluminium matrix composites are scientifically engineered materials possessing higher potential in automotive, aerospace and defence applications. Therefore this study focuses on the fabrication ofExpand
Comparative study of fly ash/sugarcane fiber reinforced polymer composites properties
This paper discusses mechanical, morphological, infrared spectral, and thermal properties of fly ash/sugarcane fiber reinforced epoxy polymer composites. Samples were prepared with and without theExpand
Influence of lignite fly ash on the structural and mechanical properties of banana fiber containing epoxy polymer matrix composite
The present work deals with the influence of lignite fly ash (LFA) on the physical properties of polymer matrix composite (PMC). The study was conducted on different compositions of PMC which wereExpand
Synthesis and evaluation on mechanical properties of LM4/AlN alloy based composites
  • V. Mohanavel
  • Chemistry
  • Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects
  • 2019
ABSTRACTLiquid metallurgy method based aluminum matrix composites (AMCs) are extensively utilized in diverse engineering applications including shipbuilding, structural, nonstructural, automotive, ...
A comprehensive study on using fly ash as reinforcement material in aluminium and magnesium based syntactic foams
Abstract In the ongoing development of light-weighted materials, syntactic foams have superior features over open-cell and closed-cell foams. Amongst the metal-based foams, syntactic foams have leastExpand
Fabrication and characterization of hybrid metal matrix composite Al-2014/SiC/fly ash fabricated using stir casting process
Abstract This work is done on the fabrication and characterization of hybrid metal matrix composite (MMC) using the matrix material Al-2014 alloy, reinforcements silicon carbide and the fly ashExpand
Investigations on microstructural and microhardness developments in sintered iron–coal fly ash composites
The present work is aimed to explore the microstructural and mechanical characteristics of coal-fly ash reinforced iron metal-matrix composites (IMMCs), synthesized through powder metallurgyExpand
Novel epoxidized natural rubber composites with geopolymers from fly ash waste.
It was found that incorporating GP significantly affected cure characteristics of ENR compounds, decreasing scorch and cure times by accelerating the cure rate via the excessive metal oxides in GP. Expand
Evaluation of mechanical properties of hybrid Al7009 nanocomposite
ABSTRACT Hybrid nanocomposites are prepared by Al7009 aluminum alloy as base material,graphite and nano magnesium oxide (MgO) as reinforcements. Stir casting processes are used for preparation ofExpand
Flexural and inflammability properties of FA/CF/Phenolic hybrid composite
The application of polymer composite in industry should meet good mechanical and inflammability properties due to its risk on failure under loading and its flammable property of polymer. The use ofExpand


Composites are most successful materials used for recent works in the industry. Metal composites possess significantly improved properties including high tensile strength, toughness, hardness, lowExpand
Effect of Fly Ash Hybrid Reinforcement on Mechanical Property and Density of Aluminium 356 Alloy
Abstract Tremendous research is going on Aluminium Matrix Composite (AMC) to cope up with wide use in advanced applications like structural, aerospace, marine, automotive etc. Stir casting is costExpand
Effect of fly ash filler size on mechanical properties of polymer matrix composites
In this work, fly ash has been used as filler material in epoxy polymer to produce particulate reinforced polymer composites. The chemical composition of fly ash and its particle size plays anExpand
Mechanical properties of fly ash reinforced aluminium alloy (Al6061) composites
The results of an experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of fly ash reinforced aluminium alloy (Al 6061) composites samples, processed by stir casting route are reported in thisExpand
A Study on Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash and Alumina Reinforced Aluminium Alloy (LM25) Composites.
The results of an experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of fly ash and Alumina reinforced aluminium alloy (LM25) composites samples, processed by stir casting route are reported inExpand
Strength Characterization of E-glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites with Filler Materials
In this research work, an investigation was made on the mechanical properties of E-glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites filled by various filler materials. Composites filled with varyingExpand
The present study was aimed at evaluating the physical properties of Aluminium 2024 in the presence of silicon carbide, fly ash and its combinations and aluminium-SiC-fly ash hybrid metal matrix composites significantly differed in all of the properties measured. Expand
Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash Concrete Composite Reinforced with Nano-SiO 2 and Steel Fibre
A parametric experimental study has been conducted to study the effect of nano-SiO 2 particles and steel fibres on the mechanical properties of the concrete composite containing fly ash. FiveExpand
Machining Behavior of Al6061-Fly Ash Composites
Abstract Machining converts raw material in to the final desired component with required tolerance limits by removal of materials. In the above process, the new materials always posses challenges,Expand
Crystallinity and selected properties of fly ash particles
Abstract The morphology, composition and crystallinity of both precipitator (solid) and cenosphere (hollow) fly ash particles of different sizes were studied with scanning electron microscopy (SEM),Expand