Mechanical properties of bioactive glass 9-93 fibres.


Fibres were manufactured from bioactive glass 9-93 by melt spinning. The manufactured fibres were further characterized by measuring their mechanical properties. The tensile strength of 9-93 glass fibres with a diameter between 20 microm and 140 microm and the flexural strength of glass fibres with a diameter of 500-800 microm were measured. The tensile strength of fibres was highly dependent on fibre diameter. Thin fibres possessed the highest strength, 1,625 MPa, compared to the strength of the thickest fibres tested, which was 617 MPa. The flexural strength of glass 9-93 fibres was approximately 1,000 MPa and the flexural modulus 64 GPa. The Weibull modulus for tensile and flexural strength values was rather low, at about 2-4.

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