Mechanical monolithic tiltmeter for low frequency measurements

  title={Mechanical monolithic tiltmeter for low frequency measurements},
  author={Fausto Acernese and Rosangela Canonico and Rosario De Rosa and Gerardo Giordano and Rocco Romano and Fabrizio Barone},
  booktitle={Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring},
The paper describes a tilt meter sensor for geophysical applications, based on Folded Pendulum (FP) mechanical sensor. Both the theoretical model and the experimental results of a tunable mechanical monolithic FP tilt meter prototype are presented and discussed. Some of the most important characteristics, like the measured resolution of ≈ 0.1 nrad at 100mHz, are detailed. Among the scientific results, earth tilt tides have been already observed with this monolithic FP tilt meter prototype. 
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