Mechanical bound states in the continuum for macroscopic optomechanics.

  title={Mechanical bound states in the continuum for macroscopic optomechanics.},
  author={Mengdi Zhao and Kejie Fang},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={27 7},
Bound states in the continuum (BICs), an emerging type of long-lived resonances different from the cavity-based ones, have been explored in several classical systems, including photonic crystals and surface acoustic waves. Here, we reveal symmetry-protected mechanical BICs in the structure of slab-on-substrate optomechanical crystals. Using a group theory approach, we identified all the mechanical BICs at the Γ point in optomechanical crystals with C4v and C6v symmetries as examples, and… 

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The strong coupling of photonic waveguide modes are strongly coupled to the gap plasmons in the grating, leading to an avoided crossing behavior with a high value of Rabi splitting of 150 meV and the strong coupling significantly alters the band diagram of the hybrid system, revealing opportunities for supporting stopped light at an off-Γ wide angular span.

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Results show that the lasing wavelength of the fabricated BIC cavities, each made of an array of cylindrical nanoresonators suspended in air, scales with the radii of the nanoreonators according to the theoretical prediction for the BIC mode, and lasing action from the designed BIC cavity persists even after scaling down the array to as few as 8-by-8 nanoreisonators.

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