Mechanical behaviour of endodontic restorations with multiple prefabricated posts: a finite-element approach.


This paper investigates some mechanical aspects of a new endodontic restoration technique, based on the idea that the root cavity can be more efficiently filled if multiple prefabricated composite posts (PCP) are employed. Multi-post technique increases bearing capacity and durability of endodontically treated teeth, as shown by numerical simulations performed through three-dimensional elastic finite-element static analyses of a lower premolar, constrained by a non-linearly elastic spring system representing the periodontal ligament, under several parafunctional loads. The influence of PCPs' number, material and dimensions is investigated by comparison of the resulting stress fields with those obtained in cases of traditional restorations (cast metal post and cemented single-PCP) and natural tooth, highlighting the advantages of the proposed technique when standard restorative materials are considered. A risk-analysis of root-fracture and interface-failure shows that cast gold-alloy post produces high stress concentrations at post-dentin interface, whereas multi-post solution leads to a behaviour closer to the natural tooth's, exhibiting some advantages with respect to single-PCP restorations. As a matter of fact, whenever PCPs' overall cross-section area increases, multi-post solution induces a significant reduction of stress levels into the residual dentin (and therefore the root-fracture-risk decreases) as well as of the expected polymerization shrinkage effects. Moreover, interfacial stress values in multi-post restorations can be higher than the single-PCP ones when carbon-fibre posts are considered. Nevertheless, the interfacial adhesive/cohesive failure-risk is certainly acceptable if glass-fibre posts are employed.

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