Mechanical behavior of enamel rods under micro-compression.

  title={Mechanical behavior of enamel rods under micro-compression.},
  author={Ezgi D Yilmaz and Gerold A Schneider},
  journal={Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials},
Exploring the structural strategies behind the optimized mechanical performance of hierarchical materials has been a focal point of extensive research over the past decades. Dental enamel is one such natural material, comprising a complicated hierarchical structure with a high level of mineral content. Bundles of hydroxyapatite nanofibers (level-1) Ø: 50nm form enamel rods (level-2) Ø: 5µm, which constitute bands (level-3) Ø: 50µm. While a number of studies in the last decade using advanced… CONTINUE READING

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