Mechanical analysis of midline sternotomy wound closure.

  title={Mechanical analysis of midline sternotomy wound closure.},
  author={Walter E Mcgregor and Dennnis R Trumble and James A. Magovern},
  journal={The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={117 6},
OBJECTIVE Unstable median sternotomy closure can lead to postoperative morbidity. This study tests the hypothesis that separation of the sternotomy site occurs when physiologic forces act on the closure. METHODS Median sternotomy was performed in 4 human cadavers (2 male) and closed with 7 interrupted stainless steel wires. The chest wall was instrumented to apply 4 types of distracting force: (1) lateral, (2) anterior-posterior, (3) rostral-caudal, and (4) a simulated Valsalva force. Forces… CONTINUE READING
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