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Mechanical Properties of sintered B60-Alkaline earth metal oxide materials

  title={Mechanical Properties of sintered B60-Alkaline earth metal oxide materials},
  author={Enoch N. Ogunmuyiwa and O. T. Johnson and Iakovos Sigalas and Ayo Samuel Afolabi},
  booktitle={WCE-2015 2015},
— Pure B6O powder and B6O powders admixed with 1.5 wt% of MgO, 1.4 wt% of CaO, and 0.7 wt% of CaCO3, were sintered and the microstructure, phase composition and mechanical properties were investigated. Pure B6O powders were sintered at a temperature of 1900 o C and a load of 50 MPa for 20 minutes in an argon environment, while the B6O-admixed powders were sintered at a temperature of 1850 o C and loads from 50-80 MPa, under the same environment. The addition of the alkaline earth metal oxide… 

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