Mechanical Properties and Shape Memory Behavior of Ti-MoGa Alloys

  title={Mechanical Properties and Shape Memory Behavior of Ti-MoGa Alloys},
  author={Hee Young Kim and Yoshinori Ohmatsu and Jae Il Kim and Hideki Hosoda and Shuichi Miyazaki},
Mechanical properties and shape memory behavior of Ti-Mo-Ga alloys were investigated in order to develop Ni-free biomedical shape memory alloys. The Ti-Mo-Ga alloys were fabricated by arc melting method. The ingots were cold-rolled up to 95% reduction in thickness. The cold-rolled specimens were heat treated in the temperature range 673–1273K for 60 s–3.6 ks. The martensitic transformation temperature decreased with increase in Mo and Ga content. The maximum shape recovery strain was obtained… CONTINUE READING


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