Mechanical Performance of Chitosan Fiber/Calcium Phosphate Cement Composite for Artificial Bone

  title={Mechanical Performance of Chitosan Fiber/Calcium Phosphate Cement Composite for Artificial Bone},
  author={L. Qin and L. Dichen and Jin Zhong-min},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering},
Chitosan fiber(CF)as reinforcement to improve the mechanical properties of calcium phosphate cement(CPC)is presented,while CF/CPC composite artificial bone with concentric fiber structure that mimics the microstructure of natural bone is fabricated.Special resin precise moulds produced by rapid prototyping(RP)are used to prepare two types of cylindrical CF/CPC artificial bones(φ20mm×20 nun andφ10 mm×20mm),which are evaluated respectively by initial intensity and in vivo intensity experiment.The… Expand
Degradation Behavior of Chitosan-fiber/calcium Phosphate Cement Composite for Artificial Bone
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Acrylic bone cements: Effects of the poly(methyl methacrylate) powder size and chitosan addition on their properties
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Reconstruction of comminuted long-bone fracture using CF/CPC scaffolds manufactured by rapid prototyping
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