Measuring the thermal conductivity of a single carbon nanotube.

  title={Measuring the thermal conductivity of a single carbon nanotube.},
  author={Motoo Fujii and Xiuzhen Zhang and Huaqing Xie and Hiroki Ago and Koji Takahashi and Tatsuya Ikuta and Hidekazu Abe and Tetsuo Shimizu},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={95 6},
Although the thermal properties of millimeter-sized carbon nanotube mats and packed carbon nanofibers have been readily measured, measurements for a single nanotube are extremely difficult. Here, we report a novel method that can reliably measure the thermal conductivity of a single carbon nanotube using a suspended sample-attached T-type nanosensor. Our experimental results show that the thermal conductivity of a carbon nanotube at room temperature increases as its diameter decreases, and… CONTINUE READING

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