Measuring the shape and volume of an above-knee stump.

  title={Measuring the shape and volume of an above-knee stump.},
  author={Thomas A. Krouskop and Deborah Dougherty and M I Yalcinkaya and A L Muilenberg},
  journal={Prosthetics and orthotics international},
  volume={12 3},
A set of design criteria for sensing the shape of an above-knee (AK) stump is presented and used as the basis for evaluating various shape sensing technologies. A mechanical probe type shape sensing system is described and its use in quantifying the external shape of the AK stump is discussed as it relates to generating a grid for finite element analysis in CAD/CAM studies and comparing the segmental volumes of the loaded and unloaded stump. This study also discusses a method that uses… CONTINUE READING


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