Measuring the modulatory effects of RGS proteins on GIRK channels.

  title={Measuring the modulatory effects of RGS proteins on GIRK channels.},
  author={Craig A. Doupnik and Cristina Ja{\'e}n and Qingli Zhang},
  journal={Methods in enzymology},
Discovery of "regulators of G-protein signaling" (RGS) as GTPase-activating proteins for heterotrimeric G proteins has provided a highly sought "missing link," reconciling past discrepancies between the in vitro GTPase activity of purified G proteins and the kinetics of physiological responses mediated by G-protein signaling in vivo. With the number of RGS genes in the mammalian genome at more than 30, associating specific RGS proteins to specific G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling… CONTINUE READING


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