Measuring the Usage of Repositories via a National Standards-based Aggregation Service: IRUS-UK

  title={Measuring the Usage of Repositories via a National Standards-based Aggregation Service: IRUS-UK},
  author={Ross MacIntyre and Paul Needham and Jo Lambert and John Alcock},
Many educational institutions have repositories for research outputs. The number of items available through institutional repositories is growing, and is expected to continue to do so due to requirements for outputs from public-funded research to be open access. But how much usage are institutional repositories and their individual items getting? The Jisc-funded service IRUS-UK is designed to help institutions understand more about the usage of their institutional repositories. IRUS-UK collects… 

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Enhancing Content Discovery of Open Repositories: An Analytics-Based Evaluation of Repository Optimizations

Analysis of the unique longitudinal dataset provides persuasive evidence that specific enhancements to the technical configuration of a repository can generate substantial improvements in its content discovery potential and ergo its content usage, especially over several years.

BitView: Using Blockchain Technology to Validate and Diffuse Global Usage Data for Academic Publications

It is concluded that a usage metric underpinned by blockchain technology may lead to a richer and healthier ecosystem in which publishers and academics are incentivized to widen access to their research.

The fundamental problem blocking open access and how to overcome it: the BitViews project

BitViews is a novel solution which uses blockchain technology to bypass both problems: online AMS usage will be recorded on a public, distributed ledger, obviating the need for a central responsible agency, and the rules governing activity-filtering will be part of the open-source BitViews blockchain application, creating complete transparency.


An architecture for the aggregation and analysis of scholarly usage data

  • J. BollenH. V. D. Sompel
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the 6th ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL '06)
  • 2006
A technical, standards-based architecture for sharing usage information is presented, made OAI-PMH harvestable so that usage information exposed by many linking servers can be aggregated to facilitate the creation of value-added services with a reach beyond that of a single community or a single information service.