Measuring the Returns to Tourism Advertising

  title={Measuring the Returns to Tourism Advertising},
  author={David. Butterfield and Kenneth R. Deal and Atif A. Kubursi},
  journal={Journal of Travel Research},
  pages={12 - 20}
A framework for estimating the impact of tourism adver tising on tourist spending is developed and implemented for the 1987-88 Ontario Incredible advertising campaign. Tour ism advertising was first linked to changes in awareness of and attitudes toward the target destination based on adver tising tracking data. Second, the changes in awareness and attitudes were linked to changes in the number of visits, based on LISREL and econometric analysis of the tracking data. Finally, changes in the… 

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  • Economics
  • 1983
International Travel to the United States: An Econometric Evaluation. Peter D. Loeb. Annals of Tourism Research, vol. 9, no. 1, 1982, pp. 7-20. Pergamon Press, Inc., Maxwell House, Fairview Park,
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