Measuring the Performance of Data Placement Structures for MapReduce-based Data Warehousing Systems

  title={Measuring the Performance of Data Placement Structures for MapReduce-based Data Warehousing Systems},
  author={S. Kami Makki and Mohammad Rakibul Hasan},
  journal={International journal of new computer architectures and their applications},
  • S. MakkiM. R. Hasan
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science
  • International journal of new computer architectures and their applications
The exponential growth of data requires systems that are able to provide a scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure for storage and processing of vast amount of data efficiently. Hive is a MapReduce-based data warehouse for data aggregation and query analysis. This data warehousing system can arrange millions of rows of data into tables, and its data placement structures play a significant role for increasing the performance of this data warehouse. Hive also provides SQL-like language called… 

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