Measuring the Higgs sector

  title={Measuring the Higgs sector},
  author={Remi Lafaye and Tilman Plehn and Michael Rauch and Dirk Zerwas and Michael D{\"u}hrssen},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
If we find a light Higgs boson at the LHC, there should be many observable channels which we can exploit to measure the relevant parameters in the Higgs sector. We use the SFitter framework to map these measurements on the parameter space of a general weak-scale effective theory with a light Higgs state of mass 120 GeV. Our analysis benefits from the parameter determination tools and the error treatment used in new-physics searches, to study individual parameters and their error bars as well as… 

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After a discovery of the Higgs boson the next question is what are its couplings. At the LHC there should be many observable channels which can be exploited to measure the relevant parameters in the

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Once a Higgs boson has been discovered, it is also important to know what are its properties, in particular its couplings to the other particles. At the LHC, there will be many observable channels

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A bstractThe effective Lagrangian expansion provides a framework to study effects of new physics at the electroweak scale. To make full use of LHC data in constraining higher-dimensional operators we

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After the discovery of a Higgs boson, the next step is to measure its properties and test their accordance with the predictions of the Standard Model, in particular the couplings of the Higgs boson.

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The measured properties of the recently discovered Higgs boson are in good agreement with predictions from the Standard Model. However, small deviations in the Higgs couplings may manifest themselves



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These lectures on Higgs boson collider searches were presented at TASI 2006. I first review the Standard Model searches: what LEP did, prospects for Tevatron searches, the program planned for LHC,

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Deviations from standard model expectations in the Higgs sector can be parametrized by an effective Lagrangian. The corresponding anomalous couplings have been implemented in a Monte Carlo program

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In the light of the LHC, we revisit the implications of a fourth generation of chiral matter. We identify a specific ensemble of particle masses and mixings that are in agreement with all current

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Abstract. The reconstruction of the Higgs potential in the Standard Model or supersymmetric theories demands the measurement of the trilinear Higgs couplings. These couplings affect the multiple

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