Measuring the Effects and Effectiveness of Interactive Advertising

  title={Measuring the Effects and Effectiveness of Interactive Advertising},
  author={Paul A. Pavlou and David W. Stewart},
  journal={Journal of Interactive Advertising},
  pages={61 - 77}
ABSTRACT Although interactive advertising is not new, its scale, scope and immediacy has increased substantially with the diffusion of new technologies such as the Internet. The growth of interactive advertising highlights the role of the consumer in the determining the effects and effectiveness of advertising, while challenging traditional assumptions about how advertising works. The active role of the consumer in determining the effects of advertising has important implications for how the… 

Interactive Advertising: A New Conceptual Framework Towards Integrating Elements of the Marketing Mix

The diffusion of interactive media is fundamentally altering the concept of advertising. While interactivity stresses the importance of consumer-marketer relationships, the traditional advertising

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While a significant number of companies have invested in internet advertising and clearly digital media continue to grow in popularity, a significant segment of organisations is still uncertain about

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Traditional measures of the effectiveness of marketing communications suggest a specific process by which marketing actions influence consumers. This article offers a broader philosophical

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Abstract Along with the rapid increase in the number of Internet users around the world, the World Wide Web has become the fastest growing advertising medium in this decade. The Interactive

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As the internet has developed and gained wider usage, investment in and the application of interactive advertising (IA) has grown. The effectiveness of IA has significant financial and marketing

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Abstract The present study attempts to examine the effects of animated banner ads, as well as the moderating effects of involvement, on each stage of the hierarchy of effects model, and to explore

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to present an effectiveness conceptual framework to evaluate the overall performance of corporate advertising web sites towards the multiple advertising,

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Interactivity is identified as a key component in the new media; however, the complex relationship between interactivity and advertising effectiveness measures has yielded inconclusive results. The

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The Internet has gained enormous importance as an advertising medium. At the same time, the question of marketing accountability has become one of the top areas of research for researchers and

Establishing a Paradigm: A Systematic Analysis of Interactive Advertising Research

A review of the advertising literature published in the Journal of Interactive Advertising through the application of a paradigm funnel provides a foundation for helping advertising scholars identify patterns, existing gaps in the literature, and research opportunities for the future that will expand the understanding of interactive advertising.



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ABSTRACT This paper is one of 18 selected by the Editorial Review Board of The Journal of Advertising Research to be a ‘classic’ - an article that has withstood the test of time. First published in

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This article reports the results of three experiments that examine memory interference in an advertising context. In Experiment 1, consumer memory for a brand's advertising was inhibited as a result

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Abstract This article reports a replication of the Stewart and Furse (1986) study of the influence of executional factors on advertising performance. Using a new set of 1,017 commercials, coded for


In an earlier paper in this journal,* the author suggested that the processes of attitude change underlying mass communication impact are of two kinds: with low involvement to persuasive stimuli one

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The authors examine the role of the Internet in marketing in the context of business models that are economically viable. This examination raises questions regarding the degree to which the Internet

Information and Consumer Behavior

  • P. Nelson
  • Business, Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1970
Consumers are continually making choices among products, the consequences of which they are but dimly aware. Not only do consumers lack full information about the prices of goods, but their

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