Measuring taste impairment in epidemiologic studies: the Beaver Dam Offspring Study.

  title={Measuring taste impairment in epidemiologic studies: the Beaver Dam Offspring Study.},
  author={Karen J. Cruickshanks and Carla R. Schubert and Derek J. Snyder and Linda M. Bartoshuk and Guan H Huang and Barbara E. K. Klein and Rolf Klein and F. Javier J Nieto and James S. Pankow and Ted S. Tweed and Elizabeth M Krantz and Gabriel Moy},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Taste or gustatory function may play an important role in determining diet and nutritional status and therefore indirectly impact health. Yet there have been few attempts to study the spectrum of taste function and dysfunction in human populations. Epidemiologic studies are needed to understand the impact of taste function and dysfunction on public health, to identify modifiable risk factors, and to develop and test strategies to prevent clinically significant dysfunction. However, measuring… CONTINUE READING


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