Measuring small absorptions by exploiting photothermal self-phase modulation.

  title={Measuring small absorptions by exploiting photothermal self-phase modulation.},
  author={Nico Lastzka and Jessica Steinlechner and S. Steinlechner and Roman Schnabel},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={49 28},
We present a method for the measurement of small optical absorption coefficients. The method exploits the deformation of cavity Airy peaks that occur if the cavity contains an absorbing material with a nonzero thermorefractive coefficient dn/dT or a nonzero expansion coefficient α(th). Light absorption leads to a local temperature change and to an intensity-dependent phase shift, i.e., to a photothermal self-phase modulation. The absorption coefficient is derived from a comparison of time… CONTINUE READING

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