Measuring quark-gluon-plasma thermalization time with dileptons.

  title={Measuring quark-gluon-plasma thermalization time with dileptons.},
  author={Mauricio Mart{\'i}nez and Michael Strickland},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={100 10},
We calculate the medium dilepton yield from a quark-gluon plasma which has a time-dependent local momentum-space anisotropy. A phenomenological model for the hard momentum scale, p(hard)(tau), and plasma anisotropy parameter, xi(tau), is constructed which interpolates between longitudinal free streaming at early times (tau<<tau(iso)) and ideal hydrodynamic at late times (tau>>tau(iso)). We show that high-energy dilepton production is sensitive to the plasma isotropization time, tau(iso), and… CONTINUE READING

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