Measuring nu(mu) charged-current muon neutrino interactions in MiniBooNE

  title={Measuring nu(mu) charged-current muon neutrino interactions in MiniBooNE},
  author={Morgan O'hagan Wascko},
  • Morgan O'hagan Wascko
  • Published 2004
  • Physics
  • MiniBooNE seeks to confirm or refute the LSND {bar {nu}}{sub {mu}} {yields} {bar {nu}}{sub e} oscillation signal with high statistical significance and different systematics. MiniBooNE has accumulated the world's largest {approx} 1 GeV neutrino data set. MiniBooNE employs a cosmic muon calibration system to study the reconstruction of the energies and directions of muons in the detector. Progress of measurements of the {nu}{sub {mu}} charged-current quasi-elastic and single pion production… CONTINUE READING

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