Measuring and engineering entropy and spin squeezing in weakly linked Bose–Einstein condensates

  title={Measuring and engineering entropy and spin squeezing in weakly linked Bose–Einstein condensates},
  author={F. Cattani and Christian Gross and Markus K. Oberthaler and Janne Ruostekoski},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
We propose a method to infer the single-particle entropy of bosonic atoms in an optical lattice and to study the local evolution of entropy, spin squeezing and entropic inequalities for entanglement detection in such systems. This method is based on experimentally feasible measurements of non-nearest-neighbour coherences. We study a specific example of dynamically controlling atom tunnelling between selected sites and show that this could potentially also improve the metrologically relevant… 

Dynamical Disentangling and Cooling of Atoms in Bilayer Optical Lattices.

It is shown how experimentally available bilayer lattice systems can be used to prepare quantum many-body states with exceptionally low entropy in one layer, by dynamically disentangling the two layers, which opens a range of applications beginning with simplifying production of magnetically ordered states of bosons and fermions.

Quantum teleportation of spin coherent states: beyond continuous variables teleportation

We introduce a quantum teleportation scheme that transfers a spin coherent state between two locations using entanglement. In the scheme an unknown spin coherent state lying on the equator of the

Cavity quantum electrodynamics of continuously monitored Bose-condensed atoms

We study cavity quantum electrodynamics of Bose-condensed atoms that are subjected to continuous monitoring of the light leaking out of the cavity. Due to a given detection record of each stochastic

Classical stochastic measurement trajectories: Bosonic atomic gases in an optical cavity and quantum measurement backaction

We formulate computationally efficient classical stochastic measurement trajectories for a multimode quantum system under continuous observation. Specifically, we consider the nonlinear dynamics of



Measuring entanglement growth in quench dynamics of bosons in an optical lattice.

A scheme to measure the many-body entanglement growth during quench dynamics with bosonic atoms in optical lattices is discussed and how arbitrary order Rényi entropies can be extracted by using tunnel coupling between the copies and measurement of the parity of on-site occupation numbers is shown.

Measuring entanglement in condensed matter systems.

This work shows how entanglement may be quantified in spin and cold atom many-body systems using standard experimental techniques only and relies solely on global measurements that are routinely performed and is versatile enough to accommodate systems and measurements different from the ones the authors exemplify in this work.

Multipartite entanglement detection in bosons.

We propose a simple quantum network to detect multipartite entangled states of bosons and show how to implement this network for neutral atoms stored in an optical lattice. We investigate the special

Squeezing and entanglement in a Bose–Einstein condensate

Spin squeezed states suitable for atomic interferometry are demonstrated by splitting a condensate into a few parts using a lattice potential by implying entanglement between the particles.

Many-particle entanglement with Bose–Einstein condensates

This work proposes a method to achieve substantial entanglement of a large number of atoms in a Bose–Einstein condensate, which is then allowed to evolve freely and should be realizable with present technology.

Interaction-induced adiabatic cooling and antiferromagnetism of cold fermions in optical lattices.

We propose an interaction-induced cooling mechanism for two-component cold fermions in an optical lattice. It is based on an increase of the spin entropy upon localization, an analogue of the

Nonadiabatic dynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical lattice

We study the nonequilibrium dynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate that is split in a harmonic trap by turning up a periodic optical lattice potential. We evaluate the dynamical evolution of the

Truncated Wigner method for Bose gases

We discuss stochastic phase-space methods within the truncated Wigner approximation and show explicitly that they can be used to solve non-equilibrium dynamics of bosonic atoms in one-dimensional

Cooling fermionic atoms in optical lattices by shaping the confinement

We propose an experimental procedure to cool fermionic atoms loaded into an optical lattice. The central idea is to spatially divide the system into entropy-rich and -poor regions by shaping the

Measuring entanglement entropy of a generic many-body system with a quantum switch.

This work provides a route towards testing the scaling of entanglement in critical systems as a method for a direct experimental detection of topological order and proposes a possible design of the quantum switch, which can be realized in cold atomic systems.