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Measuring ammonia emissions from manured fields

  title={Measuring ammonia emissions from manured fields},
  author={A. Berkhout and G. R. Hoff and J. Bergwerff and D. P. J. Swart and A. Hensen and A. Kraai and A. Bleeker and J. Huijsmans and J. M. Losada and W. Pul},
In this report, 2 novel instruments are described that are able to measure the ammonia emissions of manured fields. The 1st instrument, developed and operated by ECN, is a tuneable diode laser spectrometer (TDL), mounted in a van. It is used to measure the ammonia concentration patterns downwind from a manured field. Wind measurements, a nitrous oxide tracer and a simple Gaussian plume model are used to calculate the ammonia emission. The 2nd instrument, built by RIVM, is a mobile lidar system… Expand