Measuring Software Development Project Performance

  title={Measuring Software Development Project Performance},
  author={Nihan Yıldırım and Semih Ers{\"o}z and Bilal Altun},
  journal={Agile Approaches for Successfully Managing and Executing Projects in the Fourth Industrial Revolution},
Adopting agile methodologies to software development processes helps software companies to sustain their growth through efficiency for long term. In the digital transformation era, Industry 4.0 as part of High-Tech Strategy 2020 for Germany involves agile principles and brings the latest technological trends in production process. The purpose of this chapter is to design a proper agile project management performance measurement model for start-up software companies. First, all key performance… 


Hybrid Project Management: Agile with Discipline
This research contributes to the knowledge by discussing findings based on a unique approach adopted by the IBM Center of Excellence called Agile with Discipline, which can be seen as the best of both worlds as they can leverage the advantages ofAgile with the strengths of traditional practices.
Scrum Method Implementation in a Software Development Project Management
Scrum method is a part of the Agile method that is expected to increase the speed and flexibility in software development project management.
Combining Hard and Soft Aspects in Project Performance Measurement - A Qualitative Research Undertaken in an Agile Software Development Project Scenario
Generally, in agile software development projects, project performance is measured using Key Performance Indicators that are focused exclusively on the project’s deliverables to the customer. The
Efficiency of scrum the most widely adopted method for agile software development
To meet the set goal of measuring efficiency of scrum, data envelopment analysis (DEA) will be used in concern with scrum.
Appropriate agile measurement: using metrics and diagnostics to deliver business value
The intention of these tools is to foster dialogue about the appropriateness of metrics in a given context, and thereby to encourage measurements more congruent with the objectives of agile teamwork.
Software Development Methodologies for Reducing Project Risks
New families of methodologies for software development, referred to as Agile Processes, are introduced to meet the challenges of the future developments in the software industry.
Measuring the flow in lean software development
The main contribution is the definition of novel measures connected to the diagrams to achieve the following goals: increase throughput and reduce lead‐time to achieve high responsiveness to customers' needs and to provide a tracking system that shows the progress/status of software product development.
Agile Software Development: The Business of Innovation
The rise and fall of the dotcom-driven Internet economy shouldn't distract us from seeing that the business environment continues to change at a dramatically increasing pace, and Agile software development approaches view change from a perspective that mirrors today's turbulent business and technology environment.
The Scrum Software Development Process for Small Teams
The experience in implementing the Scrum software development process to address concerns of change in the product development life-cycle is discussed.
Why do programmers avoid metrics?
The perspectives of developers, managers and upper-level management are presented to emphasize that each stakeholder in the metrics initiative has a valid viewpoint that should be taken into account while implementing a metrics program and that each metrics effort is inextricably enmeshed with the organizational context.