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Measuring Data Quality in Analytical Projects

  title={Measuring Data Quality in Analytical Projects},
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Measuring and assuring data quality in analytical projects are considered very important issues and overseeing their benefits may cause serious consequences for the efficiency of organizations. Data profiling and data cleaning are two essential activities in a data quality process, along with data integration, enrichment and monitoring. Data warehouses require and provide extensive support for data cleaning. These loads and renew continuously huge amounts of data from a variety of sources, so… Expand
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  • Computer Science
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  • 2013
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empathy and shared reflection that brought people together in physical communities and via technology across barriers of time, distance , and often culture, was revitalizing in the horror of theseExpand
Data Quality for Analytics Using SAS
Data Quality Assessment Handbook of Research on Innovations in database technologies and Applications: Current and Future Trends, Information Science Reference publishing house
  • Data Quality Assessment Handbook of Research on Innovations in database technologies and Applications: Current and Future Trends, Information Science Reference publishing house
  • 2009