Measuring Chern numbers above the Fermi level in the Type II Weyl semimetal Mo$_x$W$_{1-x}$Te$_2$

  title={Measuring Chern numbers above the Fermi level in the Type II Weyl semimetal Mo\$\_x\$W\$\_\{1-x\}\$Te\$\_2\$},
  author={Ilya Belopolski and Su-Yang Xu and Yukiaki Ishida and Xingchen Pan and Peng Yu and D. Sevilla Sanchez and Madhab Neupane and Nasser Alidoust and Guoqing Chang and Tay-Rong Chang and Yun Yi Wu and Guang Bian and Hao Zheng and Shin-Ming Huang and Chi-Cheng Lee and Daixiang Mou and Lunan Huang and You Song and Baigeng Wang and Guanghou Wang and Yao-Wen Yeh and Nan Yao and Julien E. Rault and Patrick Le F{\`e}vre and Franccois Bertran and Horng-Tay Jeng and Takeshi Kondo and Adam Kaminski and Hsin Lin and Zheng Liu and Fengqi Song and Shik Shin and M Zahid Hasan},
Weyl semimetal MoxW1−xTe2 Ilya Belopolski∗,1, † Su-Yang Xu∗,1 Yukiaki Ishida∗,2 Xingchen Pan∗,3 Peng Yu∗,4 Daniel S. Sanchez, Madhab Neupane, Nasser Alidoust, Guoqing Chang, 7 Tay-Rong Chang, Yun Wu, Guang Bian, Hao Zheng, Shin-Ming Huang, 7, 10 Chi-Cheng Lee, 7 Daixiang Mou, Lunan Huang, You Song, Baigeng Wang, Guanghou Wang, Yao-Wen Yeh, Nan Yao, Julien E. Rault, Patrick Le Fèvre, François Bertran, Horng-Tay Jeng, 14 Takeshi Kondo, Adam Kaminski, Hsin Lin, 7 Zheng Liu, 15, 16, ‡ Fengqi Song… Expand

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