• Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine
  • Published in Sensors 2019
  • DOI:10.3390/s19040850

Measuring Blood Pulse Wave Velocity with Bioimpedance in Different Age Groups

  title={Measuring Blood Pulse Wave Velocity with Bioimpedance in Different Age Groups},
  author={Shafa Aria and Yassine Elfarri and Marius Elveg{\aa}rd and Adam Gottfridsson and Halvor S. Gr{\o}naas and Sigve Harang and Anders Jansen and Thomas Emil Rolland Madland and Ivar Bruvik Martins and Marius Wilhelm Olstad and Tommy Lee Ryan and Anwar Nazih Shaban and {\O}yvind L{\o}ken Svenningsen and Andre Djupvik S{\o}rensen and Emil Holm Ulvestad and Ole Martin Vister and Morten Bratgjerd {\O}vergaard and H{\aa}vard Kalv{\o}y and Fred J. Pettersen and Hans Henrik Odland and Vegard Munkeby Joten and {\O}yvind Grannes Martinsen and Christian Tronstad and Ole Elvebakk and {\O}rjan Gr{\o}ttem Martinsen},
In this project, we have studied the use of electrical impedance cardiography as a possible method for measuring blood pulse wave velocity, and hence be an aid in the assessment of the degree of arteriosclerosis. Using two different four-electrode setups, we measured the timing of the systolic pulse at two locations, the upper arm and the thorax, and found that the pulse wave velocity was in general higher in older volunteers and furthermore that it was also more heart rate dependent for older… CONTINUE READING


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