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Measuring 4-local qubit observables could probabilistically solve PSPACE

  title={Measuring 4-local qubit observables could probabilistically solve PSPACE},
  author={P. Wocjan and D. Janzing and T. Decker},
  journal={Quantum Inf. Comput.},
  • P. Wocjan, D. Janzing, T. Decker
  • Published 2008
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics
  • Quantum Inf. Comput.
  • We consider a hypothetical apparatus that implements measurements for arbitrary 4- local quantum observables A on n qubits. The apparatus implements the "measurement algorithm" after receiving a classical description of A. We show that a few precise measurements applied to a basis state would provide a probabilistic solution of PSPACE problems. The error probability decreases exponentially with the number of runs, if the measurement accuracy is of the order of the spectral gaps of the operator… CONTINUE READING
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