Measures of social psychological attitudes

  title={Measures of social psychological attitudes},
  author={John P. Robinson and Phillip R. Shaver},
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Jones, R. M. The self-knowledge workshop; an educational technique and a possible method f o r reducing p r e j u d i c e . Harvard U n i v e r s i t y . Unpublished study. Omwake, Katharine T. The r e l a t i o n between acceptance of s e l f and acceptance of others shown by three p e r s o n a l i t y i n v e n t o r i e s , Journal of Consulting Psychology, 1954, 18, 443-446. Rokeach, M. and Fruchter, B. A f a c t o r i a l study of dogmatism and r e l a t e d concepts, Journal of Abnormal… 

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A Study of Relationships between Three Measures of Self-Esteem and Several Variables

K e n d a ll , M .G . and S m ith , B .B . R a n d o m n e s s and ra n d o m s a m p lin g n u m b e rs . J o u r n a l o f th e R o y a l S ta t is t ic a l S o c ie ty , 1 93 8 ,101 ,147 -166 .

Self-Actualization and Well-Being of Baccalaureate Degree Nurses

Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. 12 in l e v e l o f need undoubtedly d i f f e r from person to person and from time to t ime.

The Differentiation of Self Inventory: Development and Initial Validation

Despite the importance of Bowen theory (M.Bowen, 1976,1978; M. E. KerrB Nichols & Schwartz, 1998). Indeed, Bowen theory provides a foundation for the field of family therapy that renders i t distinct

Comparison of Four Methods of Measuring Self-Esteem

  • L. Kahle
  • Psychology
    Psychological reports
  • 1976
Four methods particularly useful for researchers because of the ease with which they can be administered and scored are: Eagly's version of the Janis-Field Feelings of Inadequacy Scale, Diggory's version that of Cutick's Self-description Inventory, Rosenberg's self-esteem Scale, scored as a Likert-type scale, and Rosenberg'sself-esteem scale, scoring as a Guttman scale.

Effect of language of interview on the validity and reliability of psychological well-being scales.

An examination of the effect of language of interview on the measurement properties of psychological variables should indicate not only whether the translation truly achieves cross-cultural comparability but also whether it, in fact, confounds the comparability of research instruments.

Further Assessment of the Construct Validity of Four Measures of Narcissism: Replication and Extension

The Margolis-Thomas Measure of Narcissism exhibited the strongest validity, correlating positively with conceptually related constructs such as Machiavellianism, non- significantly with unrelated measures like the need to achieve, and inversely with all four satisfaction scales.

What does the Beck Depression Inventory measure in college students? Evidence from a non-western culture.

The usefulness of the BDI as a measure of depression in college student populations, even in non-Western cultures is confirmed, and the five factors had distinctly different relationships to the other personality scales.

Multi-Faceted Dimensions of Self-Concept and Personal Control: A Collection of Six Related Studies.

A series of six papers and an introduction which present the results and tentative analyses of studies investigating such constructs as self-esteem, perceptions of control, and competence dre

Measuring Attitudes Toward Self and Others in Society: State of the Art

This study investigates the correlation between 31 social life tests within and across groupings by title, by concept, and by factor weights; also the principal dimensions of the 107 items appearing

Implicit self-esteem: nature, measurement, and a new way forward.

The construct validity of the 2 most common measures of implicit self-esteem, the Implicit Association Test (IAT) and Name-Letter Test (NLT) are evaluated and it is concluded that both tests are impoverished measures of self- esteem that are better understood as measures of either generalized implicit affect or implicit egotism.



The Interpretation of the Religious Scale of the Allport-Vernon-Lindzey Study of Values

The primary purpose of this study was to investigate the construct validity of the Religious scale of the Allport-Vernon-Lindzey Study of Values (SV R scale). The SV and a slightly modified form of

The Description and Measurement of Personality

Pp. xx+602. Price 15s. Dr. Cattell explains that his book is the first of two volumes. Fifteen years ago, so he tells us in his preface, he left an academic laboratory to take charge of a

Exploring Techniques for Measuring Human Values

SCIENCE, as a set of techniques devised by human beings, exists, of course, to gratify certain human needs and desires. But techniques do not always achieve the ends for which they were intended.

Some Critical Observations on the Church-Sect Dimension

THE church-sect dimension1 is a theoretical and empirical construct which has had a long and honorable tradition in the sociology of religion. First developed by Weber2 and substantially elaborated

The Consequences of Sectarianism for Social Participation

T HIS paper examines the relation between an individual's preference for Sectarianism and his social participation. It was hypothesized that, for the Sectarian, religious affiliation denotes a


Normative data on Ss in grades 3-12 indicate that self-responsibility is already established by third grade, that older girls give more self-responsible answers than older boys, and that slight but significant age changes occur in subscale scores dependent upon the sex of the child.

Judging Complex Value Stimuli: An Examination and Revision of Morris's Paths of Life

a conception of &dquo;the good life.&dquo; Morris (1956) has epitomized these paragraphs as follows: Way 1 Preserve the best that man has attained. Way 2: Cultivate independence of persons and

Measures of Occupational Attitudes and Occupational Characteristics

This book discusses personality characteristics and occupational buddhism for dummies, and a national survey of occupational therapy students' and women and attitudes toward economic risk and occupational choice gender differences in occupational employment.

Coefficient alpha and the internal structure of tests

AbstractA general formula (α) of which a special case is the Kuder-Richardson coefficient of equivalence is shown to be the mean of all split-half coefficients resulting from different splittings of

The social desirability variable in personality assessment and research

the social desirability variable in personality assessment and research. Book lovers, when you need a new book to read, find the book here. Never worry not to find what you need. Is the the social