Measures of academic motivation: A conceptual review

  title={Measures of academic motivation: A conceptual review},
  author={Ross Moen and Kenneth O. Doyle},
  journal={Research in Higher Education},
  • R. MoenK. Doyle
  • Published 1 March 1978
  • Education
  • Research in Higher Education
This review examines the measurement of academic motivation in college students. It distinguishes pencil-and-paper group-administered instruments according to their conceptions of academic motivation: academic motivation taken as a single general motivation, as single specific motivations, or as a complex of motivations. It evaluates these classes of instruments in terms of the interpretability and the utility of the information each type of instrument is likely to provide. 

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This paper reports the early development of the Academic Motivations Inventory (AMI), a self-report measure of the academic motivations of college students. Content validation procedures and the

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Construction and Development of the Academic Motivations Inventory (AMI

This paper reports the early development of the Academic Motivations Inventory (AMI), a self-report measure of the academic motivations of college students. Content validation procedures and the

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