Measurements of the reactions 12C + nu_mue -> mu- + 12N g.s. and 12C + nu_mu -> mue- + 12N

  title={Measurements of the reactions 12C + nu\_mue -> mu- + 12N g.s. and 12C + nu\_mu -> mue- + 12N},
  author={Chris Athanassopoulos and Leonard B. Auerbach and Robert L. Burman and Ira Cohen and David O. Caldwell and Byron Dale Dieterle and J. B. Donahue and A. M. Eisner and Ali R. Fazely and Fred J. Federspiel and Gerald T. Garvey and Malcolm B. Gray and R. M. Gunasingha and Richard Imlay and K. Johnston and H. J. Kim and William Louis and R. Majkic and Jeremy Margulies and Kevin McIlhany and William J. Metcalf and Gordon B. Mills and Randolph Reeder and V. D. Sandberg and D. Smith and I. Stancu and W. Strossman and Rex Tayloe and G. J. Vandalen and W. Vernon and N. Wadia and J. Waltz and Y-X. Wang and Donald H. White and D. Works and Y. Xiao and S. Yellin},
Charged current scattering of nu_mu on 12C has been studied using a pi+ decay-in-flight nu_mu beam at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility. A sample of 56.8 +- 9.6 events satisfying criteria for the exclusive reaction 12C + nu_mu -> mu- + 12N_g.s. was obtained using the large Liquid Scintillator Neutrino Detector (LSND). The observed flux-averaged cross section, (6.6 +- 1.0 +- 1.0) x 10^-41 cm^2, agrees well with reliable theoretical expectations. A measurement was also obtained for the… 
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