Measurements of phagocytosis and phagosomal maturation.

  title={Measurements of phagocytosis and phagosomal maturation.},
  author={C W Chow and Gregory P Downey and Sergio Grinstein},
  journal={Current protocols in cell biology},
  volume={Chapter 15},
  pages={Unit 15.7}
Phagocytosis is an essential component of the innate immune response. Invading microorganisms are engulfed by neutrophils and macrophages, and subsequently killed by a complex series of reactions that require fusion of the phagocytic vacuole with multiple endomembrane organelles. This vacuolar remodeling process, known as phagosomal maturation, is often the target of intracellular parasites that evade killing by the host immune system. This unit describes detailed protocols for the assessment… CONTINUE READING

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