Measurements of parity-violating asymmetries in electron-deuteron scattering in the nucleon resonance region.

  title={Measurements of parity-violating asymmetries in electron-deuteron scattering in the nucleon resonance region.},
  author={Daoyong Wang and Kaike Pan and Rajesh Subedi and Xiaoyu Deng and Ziauddin Ahmed and Kalyan Allada and Konrad Aniol and David Scott Armstrong and Justine Arrington and Vincenzo Bellini and Rakitha Beminiwattha and J. F. Benesch and Fatiha Benmokhtar and Alexandre Camsonne and Mustafa Canan and G. D. Cates and Jian Peng Chen and Eugene Chudakov and Evaristo Cisbani and Mr. Dalton and C. W. de Jager and Roberto De Leo and Willem Deconinck and Alexandre Deur and Chaitali Dutta and L. El Fassi and David Flay and Gregg Edward Franklin and Milton Friend and Salvatore Frullani and Fulvio Garibaldi and Alessandro Giusa and Alexander Glamazdin and Serkan Golge and Kimberlea Grimm and Kawtar Hafidi and Olaf Hansen and Douglas Higinbotham and Rebecca S Holmes and Timothy Holmstrom and Roy J. Holt and Jinrui Huang and Clive E. Hyde and Charles Jen and David T. Jones and Hy Kang and Paul M. King and Sarah Letitia Kowalski and K. K. Satheesh Kumar and Jonghyun Harry Lee and J J Lerose and N. D. L. Liyanage and Elisa Long and D. Mcnulty and Demetrius Margaziotis and Franco Meddi and Darryl Meekins and Lei L. Mercado and Zein Eddine Meziani and Rosemarie Michaels and Maja Mihovilovi{\'c} and N. Muangma and Katie E Myers and Sirish Nanda and Apurva Narayan and Vladimir Nelyubin and Nuruzzaman and Younghoon Oh and Diana Parno and Katrin Paschke and Sarah K. Phillips and Xiaohua Qian and Yongchun Qiang and Brenda Quinn and Abdurahim Rakhman and Paul Reimer and Katherine E B Rider and Seamus Riordan and Jhonattan de la Roche and Javier Rub{\'i}n and Giuseppe Russo and K. Saenboonruang and Anirban Saha and Brian Sawatzky and Aram A. Shahinyan and Roshani Silwal and Simon {\vS}irca and P. A. Souder and Ramzi Suleiman and Vincent A. Sulkosky and Christina Sutera and William Alexander Tobias and G-M. Urciuoli and B. Waidyawansa and Bogdan Wojtsekhowski and Lantao Ye and Bo Zhao and Xiaoping Zheng},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={111 8},
We report on parity-violating asymmetries in the nucleon resonance region measured using inclusive inelastic scattering of 5-6 GeV longitudinally polarized electrons off an unpolarized deuterium target. These results are the first parity-violating asymmetry data in the resonance region beyond the Δ(1232). They provide a verification of quark-hadron duality-the equivalence of the quark- and hadron-based pictures of the nucleon-at the (10-15)% level in this electroweak observable, which is… CONTINUE READING

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