Measurements of nitrogen dioxide in Greenland using Palmes diffusion tubes.

  title={Measurements of nitrogen dioxide in Greenland using Palmes diffusion tubes.},
  author={Thomas Steen Hansen and Mark Kruse and Henrik Nissen and Marianne Glasius and Christian Lohse},
  journal={Journal of environmental monitoring : JEM},
  volume={3 1},
Measurements of nitrogen dioxide using the Palmes diffusion tubes in Uummannaq, Aasiaat, and Nuuk. all located along the west-coast of Greenland, have demonstrated that the levels of pollution at the most heavily impacted sites are comparable to levels in much larger towns in Denmark. The highest concentrations were, in general, observed near sites influenced by car traffic (peak concentrations of up to 16 ppbv), medium concentrations were observed in the residential areas (2 6 ppbv), and very… CONTINUE READING

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