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Measurements of excitation cross sections in collisions of $1-10$ keV O$^+$($^4S,^2D,^2P$) with N$_2$ molecules

  title={Measurements of excitation cross sections in collisions of \$1-10\$ keV O\$^+\$(\$^4S,^2D,^2P\$) with N\$\_2\$ molecules},
  author={Malkhaz R. Gochitashvili and Roman Ya. Kezerashvili and D. F. Kuparashvili and M. Schulz and N. O. Mosulishvili and O. G. Taboridze and R. Lomsadze},
  journal={arXiv: Atomic Physics},
We report measurements of excitation functions for the O$^{+}-$N$_{2}$ process with the incident beam of $1-10$ keV O$^{+}$ in the ground O$^{+}(^{4}S)$ and metastable O$^{+}(^{2}D)$ and O$^{+}(^{2}P)$ states. The measurements are performed with the sufficiently high energy resolution of 0.001 eV, which allows to distinguish the excitation channels. The excitation cross section induced by incident ions in the metastable state O$^{+}(^{2}P)$ is much larger than that for the ground O$^{+}(^{4}S… 


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