Measurements of branching fractions and CP-violating asymmetries in B0-->rho(+/-)h(-/+) decays.

  title={Measurements of branching fractions and CP-violating asymmetries in B0-->rho(+/-)h(-/+) decays.},
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  journal={Physical review letters},
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We present measurements of branching fractions and CP-violating asymmetries in B0-->rho(+/-)pi(-/+) and B0-->rho-K+ decays. The results are obtained from a data sample of 88.9 x 10(6) Upsilon(4S)-->BB decays collected with the BABAR detector at the SLAC PEP-II asymmetric-energy B Factory. From a time-dependent maximum likelihood fit we measure the branching fractions B(B0-->rho(+/-)pi(-/+))=[22.6+/-1.8 (stat)+/-2.2 (syst)]x10(-6) and B(B0-->rho-K+)=(7.3 -1.2( +1.3)+/-1.3)x10(-6), and the CP… 
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Unless explicitly stated, charge conjugate decay modes are assumed throughout this paper
  • Unless explicitly stated, charge conjugate decay modes are assumed throughout this paper
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