Measurements of He isotopic ratio in cosmic rays in the 100 MeV – 1 GeV range with the PAMELA experiment

  title={Measurements of He isotopic ratio in cosmic rays in the 100 MeV – 1 GeV range with the PAMELA experiment},
  author={Marco Casolino and Cristian De Santis and Nicola de Simone and Valerio Formato and N. N. Nikonov and Piergiorgio Picozza},
  journal={Astrophysics and Space Sciences Transactions},
The PAMELA satellite-borne experiment was launched on 15 June 2006 from the Baikonur cosmod- rome and it has been collecting data since then. The apparatus comprises a time-of-flight system, a silicon- microstrip magnetic spectrometer, a silicon-tungsten electro- magnetic calorimeter, an anticoincidence system, a shower tail counter scintillator and a neutron detector. The com- bination of these devices allows precision studies of the charged cosmic radiation to be conducted over a wide en… 
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