Measurements of Charged Kaon Semileptonic Decay Branching Fractions K ± → π 0 μ ± ν and K ± → π 0 e ± ν and Their Ratio


Measured ratios of decay rates for RKe3/K2π, RKμ3/K2π and RKμ3/Ke3 are presented. These measurements are based on K decays collected in a dedicated run in 2003 by the NA48/2 experiment at CERN. The results obtained are RKe3/K2π = 0.2496 ± 0.0009(stat) ± 0.0004(syst) and RKμ3/K2π = 0.1637 ± 0.0006(stat) ± 0.0003(syst). Using the PDG average for the K → π±π0… (More)

15 Figures and Tables


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