Measurements of $d_{2}^{n}$ and $A_{1}^{n}$: Probing the neutron spin structure

  title={Measurements of \$d\_\{2\}^\{n\}\$ and \$A\_\{1\}^\{n\}\$: Probing the neutron spin structure},
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  journal={Physical Review D},
We report on the results of the E06-014 experiment performed at Jefferson Lab in Hall A, where a precision measurement of the twist-3 matrix element d_2 of the neutron (d^n_2) was conducted. The quantity dn_2 represents the average color Lorentz force a struck quark experiences in a deep inelastic electron scattering event off a neutron due to its interaction with the hadronizing remnants. This color force was determined from a linear combination of the third moments of the ^3He spin structure… 
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We report on measurements of the neutron spin asymmetries $A_{1,2}^n$ and polarized structure functions $g_{1,2}^n$ at three kinematics in the deep inelastic region, with $x=0.33$, 0.47 and 0.60 and

Precision measurement of the neutron twist-3 matrix element d(2)(n): probing color forces.

The results are found to be in agreement with lattice QCD calculations and resolve the disagreement found with previous data at ⟨Q(2)⟩=5  GeV(2)/c(2), with an absolute precision of about 10(-5).

E12-06-112: Measurement of neutron spin asymmetry An1 in the valence quark region using 8.8 GeV and 6.6 GeV beam energies and Bigbite spectrometer in Hall A

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