Measurement outcomes that do not occur and their role in entanglement transformations

  title={Measurement outcomes that do not occur and their role in entanglement transformations},
  author={Martin Hebenstreit and Matthias Englbrecht and Cornelia Spee and Julio I. de Vicente and Barbara Kraus},
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The characterization of transformations among entangled pure states via local operations assisted by classical communication (LOCC) is a crucial problem in quantum information theory for both theoretical and practical reasons. As LOCC has a highly intricate structure, sometimes the larger set of separable (SEP) maps is considered, which has a mathematically much simpler description. In the literature, mainly SEP maps consisting of invertible Kraus operators have been taken into account. In this… 
Designing locally maximally entangled quantum states with arbitrary local symmetries
This work shows how to design critical states with arbitrarily large local unitary symmetry that can be realised in a quantum system of distinguishable traps with bosons or fermions occupying a finite number of modes and establishes the existence of so-called strictly semistable states with particular asymptotic diagonal symmetries.
State transformations within entanglement classes containing permutation-symmetric states
The study of state transformations under local operations and classical communication (LOCC) plays a crucial role in entanglement theory. While this has been long ago characterized for pure bipartite
Symmetries and local transformations of translationally invariant matrix product states
Martin Hebenstreit,1, ∗ David Sauerwein,2, † Andras Molnar,3, ‡ J. Ignacio Cirac,4, § and Barbara Kraus1, ¶ 1Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Local transformations of multiple multipartite states
Understanding multipartite entanglement is vital, as it underpins a wide range of phenomena across physics. The study of transformations of states via Local Operations assisted by Classical


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The master programme in Applied Geology aims to provide comprehensive knowledge based on various branches of Geology, with special focus on Applied geology subjects in the areas of Geomorphology, Structural geology, Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geologists, Mining Geology), Remote Sensing and Environmental geology.
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Symmetries and entanglement of stabilizer states
Stabilizer states constitute a set of pure states which plays a dominant role in quantum error correction, measurement--based quantum computation, and quantum communication. Central in these
Quantum Entanglement
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    Do We Really Understand Quantum Mechanics?
  • 2019
A brief overview of the concept of entanglement in quantum mechanics is given, and the major results and open problems related to the recent scientific progress in this field are discussed.
Quantum resource theories
Quantum resource theories (QRTs) offer a highly versatile and powerful framework for studying different phenomena in quantum physics. From quantum entanglement to quantum computation, resource