Measurement of transverse-single-spin asymmetries for midrapidity and forward-rapidity production of hadrons in polarized p plus p collisions at root s=200 and 62.4 GeV

  title={Measurement of transverse-single-spin asymmetries for midrapidity and forward-rapidity production of hadrons in polarized p plus p collisions at root s=200 and 62.4 GeV},
  author={Andrew Adare and Serguei Afanasiev and Christine A. Aidala and N. N. Ajitanand and Yasuyuki Akiba and Hisham Albataineh and J. P. Alexander and Aaron Angerami and Kyuzo Aoki and Nicole Apadula and Laurent Bernard Aphecetche and Yoki Aramaki and Jun Asai and Ermias Tujuba Atomssa and Ralf Peter Averbeck and Terry C Awes and Babek Azmoun and Vladimir Babintsev and Ma Bai and Gyongyi Baksay and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Baksay and Alberto Baldisseri and Kenneth Barish and P. D. Barnes and Bernd Bassalleck and Austin Thomas Basye and Stefan Bathe and Sotiria Batsouli and V. Baublis and Cl{\'e}ment Baumann and Alexander Bazilevsky and Sergey Belikov and Ronald John Belmont and Robina Bennett and Andrii Berdnikov and Yaroslav Berdnikov and J. H. Bhom and A. A. Bickley and Dmitry Blau and J. G. Boissevain and Jee Sang Bok and H. Borel and Kieran Boyle and M. L. Brooks and H. Georg Buesching and Vladimir Bumazhnov and G. Bunce and Sergei V. Butsyk and C. M. 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  • Andrew Adare, Serguei Afanasiev, +448 authors L. S. Zolin
  • Published 2013
  • Physics
  • Measurements of transverse-single-spin asymmetries (A(N)) in p + p collisions at root s = 62.4 and 200 GeV with the PHENIX detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider are presented. At midrapidity, A(N) is measured for neutral pion and eta mesons reconstructed from diphoton decay, and, at forward rapidities, neutral pions are measured using both diphotons and electromagnetic clusters. The neutral-pion measurement of A(N) at midrapidity is consistent with zero with uncertainties a factor of… CONTINUE READING
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