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Measurement of the time-integrated mixing probability $\chi_d$ with a semileptonic double-tagging strategy and $34.6 {\rm fb}^{-1}$ of Belle II collision data

  title={Measurement of the time-integrated mixing probability \$\chi\_d\$ with a semileptonic double-tagging strategy and \$34.6 \{\rm fb\}^\{-1\}\$ of Belle II collision data},
  author={Belle II collaboration F. Abudin'en and Iki Adachi and Rama Prasad Adak and Karol Mateusz Adamczyk and Patrick Ahlburg and J. K. Ahn and Hiroaki Aihara and N. Z. Akopov and Alberto Aloisio and Fabrizio Ameli and Ladislav Andricek and Nguyễn Anh Kỳ and David Asner and Hulya Atmacan and Vladimir M. Aulchenko and T. A.-Kh. Aushev and Volodymyr Aushev and Tariq Aziz and Varghese Babu and S. Bacher and Steffen Baehr and Seema Bahinipati and Andrew Bakich and Ph. Bambade and Sw. Banerjee and Sunil Bansal and Matthew Barrett and Giovanni Batignani and J. Baudot and Alexandre Beaulieu and Juergen Becker and P. K. Behera and Michael Bender and J. V. Bennett and Enrico Bernieri and F. U. Bernlochner and M. Bertemes and Emilie Bertholet and Martin Florian Bessner and Stefano Bettarini and V. Bhardwaj and Bipul Bhuyan and Federico Bianchi and Tadeas Bilka and Sviatoslav Bilokin and Debabrata Biswas and A. Bobrov and Alexander E. Bondar and Gianni Bonvicini and Andrz{\'e}j Bozek and M. 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We present the first measurement of the time-integrated mixing probability χd using Belle II data collected at a center-of-mass (CM) energy of 10.58 GeV, corresponding to the mass of the Υ (4S) resonance, with an integrated luminosity of 34.6 fb−1 at the SuperKEKB e+e− collider. We reconstruct pairs of B mesons both of which decay to semileptonic final states. Using a novel methodology, we measure χd = 0.187 ± 0.010 (stat.) ± 0.019 (syst.), which is compatible with existing indirect and direct… Expand
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