Measurement of the solar 8B neutrino rate with a liquid scintillator target and 3 MeV energy threshold in the Borexino detector

  title={Measurement of the solar 8B neutrino rate with a liquid scintillator target and 3 MeV energy threshold in the Borexino detector},
  author={Gianpaolo Bellini and Jay B. Benziger and Stefano Bonetti and Margherita Buizza Avanzini and Barbara Caccianiga and Laura Cadonati and Frank P. Calaprice and Carlo Carraro and Alvaro Chavarria and F. Dalnoki-Veress and D. D’Angelo and Stefano Davini and Herv{\'e} de Kerret and Alexander Derbin and A. V. {\'E}tenko and Alexander Chepurnov and Kirill Fomenko and D. G. Franco and Cristiano Galbiati and S. Gazzana and Chiara Ghiano and Marco Giammarchi and Marianne Goeger-Neff and Augusto Goretti and E. Gurdincerri and Steve Hardy and Al. Ianni and Andrea Ianni and Malcolm J. Joyce and Yusuke Koshio and George Korga and D. Kryn and Matthias Laubenstein and Michael K.H. Leung and Timo Lewke and Evgeny Litvinovich and B. Loer and Paolo Lombardi and Livia Ludhova and I. N. Machulin and Szymon Manecki and W. Maneschg and Giulio Manuzio and Q. Meindl and Emanuela Meroni and Lino Miramonti and M. Misiaszek and Davide Montanari and Viktorina N. Muratova and Lothar Oberauer and Michel Obolensky and Fausto Ortica and Marco Pallavicini and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Papp and Laura Perasso and S. Perasso and Andrea Pocar and R. S. Raghavan and G. Ranucci and Alessandro Razeto and Alessandra Carlotta Re and B. Ricci and P. Risso and Aldo Romani and Derek Rountree and A. A. Sabelnikov and R. Saldanha and C. Araya Salvo and Stefan Sch{\"o}nert and Hardy Simgen and Mikhail Skorokhvatov and O. Ju. Smirnov and Albert Sotnikov and S. V. Sukhotin and Yura Suvorov and Roberto Tartaglia and Gemma Testera and D. Vinaud and Robert Bruce Vogelaar and F. v. Feilitzsch and Juergen Winter and M. Wojcik and Alex Wright and Michael Wurm and J. Xu and Oleg Antonovich Zaimidoroga and S Zavatarelli and Grzegorz Zuzel},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We report the measurement of {nu}-e elastic scattering from {sup 8}B solar neutrinos with 3 MeV energy threshold by the Borexino detector in Gran Sasso (Italy). The rate of solar neutrino-induced electron scattering events above this energy in Borexino is 0.22{+-}0.04(stat){+-}0.01(syst) cpd/100 t, which corresponds to {Phi}{sub {sup 8}B}{sup ES}=2.4{+-}0.4{+-}0.1x10{sup 6} cm{sup -2} s{sup -1}, in good agreement with measurements from SNO and SuperKamiokaNDE. Assuming the {sup 8}B neutrino… 
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