Measurement of the quasi-free p + n ! d + reaction near threshold

  title={Measurement of the quasi-free p + n ! d + reaction near threshold},
  author={Jj Dyring and Kjell Fransson and Leif Gustafsson and B. H oistad and A. Johansson and T. Gunnar Johansson and Sven O Kullander and A. M ortsell and Roger Ruber and Ulf Schuberth and Walter Oelert and Volker Renken and T. and SefzickIKP and Ana-Nicoleta Bondar and Alexei Kuzmin and Boris A. Shwartz and Valery N. Sidorov and A................................................. and SukhanovBudker and Anna Kup and A. Povtorejko and Andrey Sukhanov and ZernovJoint}
The quasi-free p+n!d+ reaction cross section has been measured in the near-threshold region using deuterium from an internal cluster-jet target and 1350 MeV protons in the CELSIUS storage ring. The energy dependence of the cross section is extracted by reconstructing the kinematics on an event-by-event basis and exploiting the Fermi momentum of the target neutron. The data cover centre of mass excess energies from 16 MeV to 113 MeV and show for the rst time clearly the innuence of the N (1535… CONTINUE READING


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