Measurement of the muonic branching fractions of the narrow upsilon resonances.

  title={Measurement of the muonic branching fractions of the narrow upsilon resonances.},
  author={G. S. Adams and M. Chasse and M. Cravey and John Cummings and I. Z. Danko and James Napolitano and D. Cronin-Hennessy and C. S. Park and W. Park and J. B. Thayer and E. H. Thorndike and T. E. Coan and Y. S. Gao and F. Liu and Ryszard Stroynowski and Marina Artuso and Chaouki Boulahouache and Steven Blusk and J. Butt and E. Dambasuren and O. Dorjkhaidav and Nabil Menaa and Raymond Mountain and H. Muramatsu and R. Nandakumar and R. Redjimi and Radia Sia and Tomasz Skwarnicki and Sheldon Stone and J. C. Wang and Kevin Zhang and S. E. Csorna and G. Bonvicini and David Anthony Cinabro and M. S. Dubrovin and Adolf Bornheim and S. P. Pappas and A. J. Weinstein and Roy A. Briere and G. P. Chen and T. Ferguson and G. Tatishvili and Helmut Vogel and M. E. Watkins and N. E. Adam and J. P. Alexander and Karl Berkelman and D. G. Cassel and J. E. Duboscq and K. M. Ecklund and R. Ehrlich and Laura Johanna Fields and R. S. Galik and Lawrence Kent Gibbons and B. Gittelman and R. Gray and S. W. Gray and D. L. Hartill and B. K. Heltsley and D. Hertz and L. Hsu and C. D. Jones and J. Kandaswamy and D. L. Kreinick and V. E. Kuznetsov and H. Mahlke-Kr{\"u}ger and T. O. Meyer and P. U.E. Onyisi and J. R. Patterson and D. Peterson and J. Pivarski and D. Riley and Jonathan L. Rosner and A. Ryd and A. J. Sadoff and H. Schwarthoff and M. R. Shepherd and W. M. Sun and J. G. Thayer and D. Urner and T. Wilksen and M. Weinberger and S. B. Athar and P. Avery and L. Breva-Newell and R. Patel and V. Potlia and H. Stoeck and John Yelton and P. D. Rubin and C. Cawlfield and Bob I. Eisenstein and G. D. Gollin and I. Karliner and Doseok Kim and N. Lowrey and P. Naik and C. Sedlack and Mats A Selen and J. J. Thaler and Justin Williams and James E Wiss and K. W. Edwards and D. Z. Besson and K. Y. Gao and D. T. Gong and Y. Kubota and B. W. Lang and Shuwang Li and R. Poling and A. W. Scott and A. J. Smith and C. J. Stepaniak and J. Urheim and Z. V. Metreveli and Kamal K. Seth and Amiran Tomaradze and Peter Karl Zweber and Ja Ernst and A. H. Mahmood and K. E. Arms and K. K. Gan and D. M. Asner and Steven A. Dytman and S. S. Mehrabyan and James Mueller and V. Savinov and Zheng Li and A. M. Lopez and Hector Mendez and J. E. Ramirez and G. S. Huang and D. H. Miller and V. Pavlunin and B. Sanghi and E. I. Shibata and I. P.J. Shipsey},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={94 1},
The decay branching fractions of the three narrow Upsilon resonances to mu(+)mu(-) have been measured by analyzing about 4.3 fb(-1) e(+)e(-) data collected with the CLEO III detector. The branching fraction B(Upsilon(1S)-->mu(+)mu(-))=(2.49+/-0.02+/-0.07)% is consistent with the current world average, but B(Upsilon(2S)-->mu(+)mu(-))=(2.03+/-0.03+/-0.08)% and B(Upsilon(3S)-->mu(+)mu(-))=(2.39+/-0.07+/-0.10)% are significantly larger than prior results. These new muonic branching fractions imply… CONTINUE READING

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