Measurement of the muon decay parameter {delta}

  title={Measurement of the muon decay parameter \{delta\}},
  author={T. C. A. Gaponenko and R. Bay{\'e}s and Y. Davydov and P. Depommier and J. Doornbos and W. Faszer and M. C. Fujiwara and C. A. Gagliardi and D. Gill and P. Green and P. Gumplinger and M. Hasinoff and R. Henderson and J. Hu and B. Jamieson and P. Kitching and D. Koetke and A. A. Krushinsky and Y. Lachin and J. Macdonald and R. Macdonald and G. Marshall and E. Mathie and L. V. Miasoedov and R. Mischke and J. R. Musser and P. Nord and M. Nozar and K. Olchanski and A. Olin and R. Openshaw and T. A. Porcelli and J. Poutissou and R. Poutissou and M. A. Quraan and N. Rodning and V. Selivanov and G. Sheffer and B. Shin and F. Sobratee and T. Stanislaus and R. Tacik and V. Torokhov and R. Tribble and M. Vasiliev and D. Wright},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • T. C. A. Gaponenko, R. Bayés, +43 authors D. Wright
  • Published 2005
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
  • The muon decay parameter {delta} has been measured by the TWIST collaboration. We find {delta}=0.74964{+-}0.00066(stat.){+-}0.00112(syst.), consistent with the standard model value of 3/4. This result implies that the product P{sub {mu}}{xi} of the muon polarization in pion decay, P{sub {mu}}, and the muon decay parameter {xi} falls within the 90% confidence interval 0.9960<P{sub {mu}}{xi}{<=}{xi}<1.0040. It also has implications for left-right-symmetric and other extensions of the standard… CONTINUE READING
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